Hawaii Moves To Ban Wild Performing Animals

The first state prohibition on exotic wildlife for entertainment appears headed for approval Hawaii likely will become the first U.S. state to ban the use of elephants, bears and other exotic wild animals for entertainment purposes. The Hawaii Department of Agriculture board on Tuesday unanimously approved a proposed rules change that would define “dangerous wild animals” and prohibit […] Read More

Iceland signs major climate deal

A declaration on climate change has been signed in Iceland by the city of Reykjavik and more than one hundred businesses and institutions, pledging to take action to reduce carbon emissions in the build up to the COP21 United Nations climate summit. The agreement is supported by the UN and the progress will be monitored, […] Read More

Only 3 northern white rhinos left on Earth

After a series of illnesses, one of last northern white rhinos on the planet died on Sunday, leaving just three others alive in the world. Nola, a 41-year-old female, had lived at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park since arriving in 1989 from the Dvůr Králové Zoo, in what is now the Czech Republic. According […] Read More

Is SeaWorld really ending its captive whale program? Well, no …

The news broke yesterday and for a moment, the headlines trumpeted something animal activists have been after for years. “SeaWorld to end theatrical killer whale show,” reported the San Diego Tribune. “SeaWorld to replace ‘Shamu’ killer whale show in San Diego,” echoed Reuters. Hooray! The whales are free! “Blackfish” won! Alas. After reviewing firsthand accounts of […] Read More

States Cut Power Plant Emissions Ahead of New EPA Rule

Next month, the Obama administration is set to finalize its climate ultimatum to states: Control carbon dioxide emissions from electric power plants or the federal government will do it for you. The ultimatum is called the Clean Power Plan, and before it takes effect, 42 states are already reducing carbon dioxide emissions from power plants […] Read More

Can Pope Francis Bridge the Political Divide over Climate Change?

Seeking to supersede entrenched political divides over climate change, Pope Francis sought to frame the issue as a matter of faith and morality in a landmark Vatican encyclical blaming human activity for rising temperatures across the planet. In a passionate call to action, the 183-page document, released Thursday, ties environmental degradation to the pursuit of profits, […] Read More